3 Tips for Maximizing Firefox’s New Multi-Account Containers

In Fall 2017, Mozilla launched Multi-Account Containers for Firefox. Available through an extension in the addons store, the new feature aims to streamline your internet presence, thus helping you manage your online accounts and activity more efficiently.

But how can you maximize the new containers and make them work for you? Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Multiple Social Media Accounts

Some social media providers let you switch between accounts from within the app. For example, on Facebook, you only need to use one login to manage both your personal accounts and any pages of which you’re an admin.


On the other hand, some services don’t offer the feature. Perhaps the most notable one is Twitter: if you run your own account and a professional account, jumping between them is annoying. Previously, the only semi-satisfactory solution was to use an app like TweetDeck.

Because Firefox’s containers store cookies separately, they let you run multiple sign-in instances. Just make a new container and log into your alternative account. The two (or more) instances will be sandboxed from each other.

2. Professional vs. Personal

It’s hard to concentrate all day, every day. The internet is so full of distractions that your mind is likely to wander away from the task-in-hand. Before you know it, you’ve spent four hours watching cat videos and that 5pm deadline is looming large.

You can use Firefox’s containers to cut down on distractions. Keep all your professional life in one container and your personal life in another. You can even block personal sites in your professional container. You’ll be the apple of your boss’s eye in no time.

3. Privacy

You’ve heard the stories: Facebook follows you around the web like a bad smell (even if you don’t have an account), ad networks log your every move, and almost every site tries to track your browsing data.

Firefox containers can help. For example, if you log into your social accounts in one tab and read news sites in a different tab, your social identity will be kept safe from any tracking scripts the news site is running.

How do you use Firefox containers? Let us know in the comments below.

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